Perspectives on Earth Jurisprudence

Barry Law Review, Fall 2008: Issue dedicated to Earth jurisprudence
Copyright © 2008 Barry Law Review
  • Pat Siemen, “Earth Jurisprudence: Toward Law in Nature’s Balance,” 11 Barry L. Rev. 1
  • Cormac Cullinan, “Do Humans Have Standing to Deny Trees Rights?” 11 Barry L. Rev. 11
  • Glen-Peter Ahlers, Sr., “Earth Jurisprudence: A Pathfinder,” 11 Barry L. Rev. 121
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“Framing an Earth Jurisprudence for a Planet in Peril”:
Greene, Herman, “What Is Earth Jurisprudence?” Introduction to Earth Jurisprudence Slide Presentation
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The Earth Charter created by global civil society.
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Papers presented at the Wild Law Conference 2006: “Changing Environmental Law to Meet Global Challenges” based on the book ”Wild Law” by Cormac Cullinan and organized by the United Kingdom Environmental Law Association and the Environmental Law Foundation in association with the University of Brighton. The following articles originally appeared in Environmental Law & Management (2007) 19: 59-92, published by Lawtext Publishing, Ltd. and are used here with permission
Click here to view the following papers:
  • Cormac Cullinan, “Sowing wild law”
  • Norman Baker, MP, “Rebalancing the system: an agenda for change”
  • Satish Kumar, “Economics and ecology – which comes first?”
  • Elizabeth Rivers, “Creative regulation: how wild law can rehabilitate governance and regulation”
  • Ian Mason, “Earth, rights and insects: a holistic approach to environmental law.”
Additional Papers from the Wild Law Conference 2006:

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