Monographs & Articles

Mary Munson, J.D., and Gloria L. Schaab, Ph.D., The Intrinsic Value of Nature, the first in the Center for Earth Jurisprudence monograph series, Resonances: Soundings from Law and Theology, Toward an Earth-Centered Jurisprudence. 

Barry Law Review, issue dedicated to Earth jurisprudence, Fall, 2008. Subscriptions are $13.00 per issue ($26.00 annually) and are renewed automatically unless a cancellation request is received by the Editor-in-Chief at the editorial offices of the Barry Law Review, Barry University School of Law, 6441 East Colonial Drive, Orlando, Florida 32807-3673. Back issues are available from William S. Hein & Co.; (800) 828-7571. Free copies of this issue only available from CEJ upon request.

  • Sister Patricia Siemen, Earth Jurisprudence: Toward Law in Nature’s Balance, 11 Barry L. Rev. 1
  • Cormac Cullinan,Do Humans Have Standing to Deny Trees Rights?, 11 Barry L. Rev. 11
  • Joseph H. Guth, Cumulative Impacts: Death-Knell for Cost-Benefit Analysis in Environmental Decisions, 11 Barry L. Rev. 23
  • Donald M. Goldberg and Tracy Badua, Do People Have Standing? Indigenous Peoples, Global Warming, and Human Rights, 11 Barry L. Rev. 59
  • Barbara E. Wall, Ph.D., Ethical Considerations for a New Jurisprudence: A Catholic Social Thought Perspective, 11 Barry L. Rev. 77
  • Sarah Schwemin, What if We Could Sue the Hurricanes? The Necessity of Recognizing the Rights of Natural Entities, 11 Barry L. Rev. 95
  • Glen Peter Ahlers, Sr., Earth Jurisprudence: A Pathfinder, 11 Barry L. Rev. 121

Herman Greene, Esq., What Is Earth Jurisprudence?, Center for Earth Jurisprudence, January 2007.

Joseph Guth, Law for the Ecological Age, Vermont Journal of Environmental Law, Vol. 9, 2008, 431.

Judith Koons, Earth Jurisprudence: The Moral Value of Nature, 25 Pace Envtl. L. Rev. 263 (2008)

Judith Koons, Earth Jurisprudence: The Future of Law and The Planet, ABA: The Young Lawyer, July 2008

Mary Munson, CEJ legal director, editorial in The Miami Herald, November 24, 2008

Jennifer Szweda, Nature Needs a Lawyer, an article about CEJ Director Pat Siemen by Jennifer Szweda

Patricia Siemen, Cosmology and Earth Jurisprudence in Law and Governance: It Takes a Joker? (Nov. 9, 2014),  

Patrick Tolan, Ecocentric Perspectives on Global Warming: Toward an Earth Jurisprudence, 1 Global Studies Journal 39.

Rebecca Tuhus-Dubrow, Sued by the Forest:  Should Nature Be Able to Take You to Court?, The Boston Globe (July 19, 2009). Featuring contributions by the Center for Earth Jurisprudence, the article reviews standing to represent nature directly in courts of law.

In March 2009, the United Kingdom Environmental Law Association (UKELA) and the Gaia Foundation launched Wild Law – Is there any evidence of Earth jurisprudence in existing law and practice? The authors of the report, Begonia Filgueira and Ian Mason, studied laws across different legal systems (Europe, South Africa and Ethiopia, India, New Zealand and the United States) to discern where elements of Earth jurisprudence exist: i.e. Earth-centered governance, as opposed to homocentric governance; to what degree the legislation promotes the well-being and complex interactions and interdependence of all species and ecosystems; to what extent the legislation upholds community involvement, including such factors as access to information, participation in decision-making, access to justice, respect for traditional knowledge and community land rights. CEJ legal director Mary Munson authored the chapter on United States legislation, in which she examines the Earth jurisprudence content of the National Environmental Policy Act, the U.S. Endangered Species Act, the National Park Service Organic Act and the recent Supreme Court decision in Massachusetts v. Environmental Protection Agency.


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