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The Center for Earth Jurisprudence has been delighted to partner with Equinox Documentaries on an exciting project intended to connect us more deeply with our local community here in Central Florida and to alert our national and international colleagues to our efforts to promote the natural beauty and health of our bio-region. The project also serves the larger goal of motivating a profound commitment to respect and legally protect its ecosystems and species.

In partnership with Equinox Documentaries, CEJ has created a short film identifying Florida’s unique natural systems and explaining how an Earth Jurisprudence approach, including recognition of the rights of nature, can help realize their true sustainability.  This film reaches out to people on an emotional, visceral level and expands our consensus in ways that written materials simply cannot.

We are grateful to the Kalliopeia Foundation and to Judith Koons for their generous support of this project, and to Bill Belleville and Bob Giguere for the talent and heart they brought to its creation. 

Click here to view the Center for Earth Jurisprudence Overview film.

Equinox Documentaries was created by veteran producers and writers, Bob Giguere and Bill Belleville, who bring a wealth of experience to their work within and about the natural world.  You can read more about their work at EquinoxDocumentaries.org.

Bob Giguere is an award-winning producer with over 20 years of experience, including Documentary and Current Events programming for Public Television.  He has won numerous Emmy awards for his social documentary work. His credits include nationally distributed programs: “The National Parent Quiz,” “Releasing Dolphins,” “The Rock” and “Treating Addiction” for PBS, and “Diving Deep” for National Geographic Explorer.  Working for PBS affiliates in Maine and Florida, Bob has produced nearly 2,000 programs, including 25 documentaries.

Bob served as Executive Producer, Producer, and Underwater Videographer for award-winning BBG Projects, “In Search of Xanadu,” “Conch Cowboys” and “Wekiva: Legacy or Loss?”  He also teaches filmmaking and ethics at the University of Central Florida and Rollins College, and currently owns and operates bGenesis, LLC.  He was educated at the University of Maine.

Bill Belleville is an environmental writer and documentary filmmaker. His critically-acclaimed nonfiction book, River of Lakes: A Journey on Florida’s St. Johns River,  is in its sixth printing. It received the Michael J. Shaara award for Excellence in Writing for the year 2000. The Miami Herald described it as the “definitive book on the St. Johns.”Bill has published over 1,000 feature articles in Oxford American, Salon.com, Sports Afield, SierraFast Company, and The New York Times Syndicate, among others. He has been a special correspondent for Newsweek magazine, and worked as a writer/researcher on several Discovery Channel expeditions to the Galapagos, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. He also co-produced and scripted three Florida PBS documentaries, all of which won national awards.

Bill was named environmental writer of the year for the Florida Audubon Society and the Florida Wildlife Federation. In 2006, Bill published Losing It All to Sprawl: How Progress Ate My Cracker Landscape to critical reviews.  His latest book, Salvaging the Real Florida:  Lost and Found in the State of Dreams, was published in early 2011 and recently awarded the prestigious National Outdoor Book Award in the category of Natural History Literature.  Previous winners of that award include Robert Michael Pyle, Farley Mowat, David Attenborough, and Roderick Nash.on. He lectures frequently on behalf of the Florida Humanities Council’s Speaker Bureau. He is a member of the Authors Guild and the Society of Environmental Journalists. He has lectured at Rollins College, the University of Florida, the University of Central Florida, the University of North Florida, the University of South Florida, and Emory University in environmental literature and environmental history classes.

Bill has also written the nonfiction books Deep Cuba: The Inside Story of an American Oceanographic Expedition and Sunken Cities, Sacred Cenotes and Golden Sharks, a collection of his adventure-travel-nature articles and essays.  He was educated at the University of Maryland.


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  1. This beautiful video is a fitting tribute to your inspiring and truly “great work” educating people to the need for Earth jurisprudence. Thank you for your efforts and for this video. I shall add this to the recommended sites on ecospirituality resources.

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